A Solid Foundation
It is essential that students  learn the correct technique from the very beginning. How to correctly stand, hold the instrument and hold the bow. Students are introduced to open strings first and then gradually learn how to place their fingers on the strings to achieve the sound they are looking for.
Aural Training is  essential from the very start!

Inner Hearing
Developing inner hearing is an intrinsic part of all music education but particularly so when learning a fretless stringed instrument. Students must develop aural awareness in order to realise and create the sound they hope to achieve. Unlike many other instruments, it takes a lot of time and practise  to produce the correct pitch and play in tune.
As in learning a new language, students are encouraged to listen to the sound, internalise it, then sing before they try to play it!

Traditional/Classical Styles
We teach a variety of genres at the music company from classical to traditional. It is important for students to explore and discover which style of music they prefer. Some students like to cover a lot of different material. This enriches their musical experience. Others have a strong preference towards a particular style. As lessons are individual, students are able to navigate their own musical path with the advice and guidance of professional teachers. Many of our students advance through the grades, take music at third level and choose it as a career either as teachers or performers.
Students are encouraged to play in groups in preparation for future performance in traditional groups or orchestras.