Theory & Musicianship

What is theory?

We strongly encourage all students taking instrumental lessons especially those who are taking graded examinations to take Theory classes. Theory is the grammar of music. Music theory examines the elements that construct a piece of music, including notation, key signatures, time signatures, and chord progressions. Theory classes  improve musical literacy and sightreading and as a result students progress quicker. 

What is Musicianship?
Musicianship is the skill, knowledge and artistry required for a musical performance. Musicianship classes develop aural awareness and improvisation. It involves a number of elements but fundamentally it is the ability to think in sound. Musicians need to be able to create music which they perceive internally or in their imagination, whether through playing by ear, singing, reading from notation, or through improvisation.

Theory Examinations can be taken with different worldwide recognised colleges including the ABRSM or RIAM. A solid foundation and knowledge of theory is very beneficial when studying for any music exam including the Junior/Leaving Cert Music Examinations, Third level music degree entry examinations or performance.
Theory is a fundamental part of a balanced music education.