Live your dreams!
​​Some students are natural performers, gifted with a beautiful voice. The tone and pureness of their voices makes everyone stop to listen and can bring silence to a room. Our teachers will show students how to develop their voices and improve their vocal technique. They will also guide students when choosing songs so that the unique beauty of their voice is highlighted and it shines through. These students can reach for the stars as they begin to live their dreams!
Singing Lessons
​We teach students of all ages and levels at The Music Company. Younger students learn to sing their favourite songs so they will be confident and happy singing for friends and family. These are the first steps towards becoming a performer.
Singing lessons for younger students concentrate on healthy, natural singing, as well as musicianship and interpretation skills.
Graded Examinations and Performance
Many of our students choose to progress through the different graded classical/popular examinations offered by worldwide recognised colleges. We are an examination centre for many of these colleges and hold examinations throughout the year. 
Graded examinations offer an impartial, objective assessment of a students progress, technique, musicality, aural development and performance. They can inspire and motivate the student towards perfection.