Lets play that Sax!
We offer Individual Saxophone lessons at The Music Company. It is an extremely versatile and exciting instrument. Saxophone is highlighted in many of the popular music charts of today making it a very current and popular instrument. Lessons are very flexible and planned for the individual student. Students can choose from a variety of styles including Popular, Jazz and Classical. Saxophone lessons are available for any level of experience, from beginner to advanced.

​​Many students progress onto the clarinet having first learned the tin whistle or recorder in school. Many of the skills learned are easily transferred when students begin to learn the clarinet such as breath control, rhythm and notation. 
The correct posture and embouchure is important to develop right from the start. A full, pure tone is the first step towards becoming a talented instrumentalist.
We have clarinet lessons available for students of all ages.

Classical and Modern trumpet lessons are available at The Music Company for any level of experience, from beginner to advanced.
As we 'tailor' each and every course to meet the needs of each individual student, our trumpet lessons are taught on an exclusively one-to-one basis.
Lessons emphasise playing and instrumental performance, in addition to learning sight-reading, notation and theory.
Adult Beginners are very welcome to join all our classes. Its never too late to start learning a musical instrument!