Ready Steady Rock!

Rock With Us!
​​Everyone enjoys band class. You can feel the buzz in the air as students arrive eager to learn and ready to rock! Band Class is fun and exciting! Lots of our students form bands together and it is a great way to show off their skills. It builds confidence, encourages practise and allows students to meet others with similar interests. 
Music and Identity
Social interaction and relationships are very important as children and teenagers grow and develop.  Music is a universal language that allows you to explore emotions and express yourself.
Students often group together as they identify with a particular band or style of music. This becomes their badge of identity. 
The benefits of group playing
Playing in a group improves rhythm and listening skills. Students learn to work as a team as they motivate each other to reach a shared goal.
Rehearsals aren't considered to be a chore. Students  are  preparing to live  their dreams.......