Pre-Instrumental classes are a super exciting way to introduce children from three to six years to music. We provide classes that are full of fun but also extremely beneficial to your child’s education as a whole.

Our Pre-instrumental course has been designed in four stages. Each stage develops singing, movement, and listening skills simultaneously in a fun and stimulating environment.

Stage 1 – Mozart’s Mice
Stage 2 – Beethoven’s Bears
Stage 3 – Pachelbel’s Penguins
Stage 4 – Haydn’s Hippos

There are ten thirty minute lessons per term. To see further information on each stage please see below. 

Stage 1 Mozarts Mice
During this stage children and introduced to listening, movement and singing. Children listen to music naturally. Research shows that children respond early to variations in volume (Soft/Loud) and to differences in the types of instrument or voice. During stage one we introduce each of these concepts and familiarise children with the fundamentals of music. 
Did you know? at four, five or six your child's musical prefrences have not yet fully developed. We introduce children to many genres. Don't be surprised if you hear some classical, traditional or rock music in class!

Stage 2 Beethoven’s Bears
​​Stage 2 develops the concepts of listening, movement and singing introduced during stage 1. In addition to this tonal development (singing in tune), pulse development (keeping time) and group singing are introduced.
Lets Get Performing - At the end of stage 2 the children will rehearse and perform a short recital. 

Stage 3 Pachelbel’s Penguins
Stage 3 sees us develop "Happy Feet" as we concentrate on movement. Both free movement and structural movement are connected through musical learning in early childhood. A range of musical instruments are introduced and with further pulse development we beat our way to our next performance. 
Lets Get Moving - At the end of stage 3 a short performance including movement and percussion takes place.

Stage 4 – Haydn’s Hippos
​​Stage four is the final stage of our pre-instrumental course and sees us develop visual representation (Music Reading). This is to prepare children to move into the Musical Monkey's Class. Both physical and visual control is required to play most instruments. Using our percussion skills developed in stage three and our new understanding of visual representation we begin to exercise both physical and visual control.
Graduation - At the end of term we organise a party for the children who have completed the pre-instrumental programme at The Music Company. 

Start Dates and More

Classes normally commence in September, January & April. Please note classes may be started Mid Term subject to demand.

There is such a high demand for our classes on some occasions they can be fully booked. In this instance you will be placed on our waiting list and contacted once a space becomes available.

Book a Trial Lesson

We are so confident you will love our Pre-Instrumental lessons we offer all children the opportunity to come down and try a trial class. This allows them to try the class out first before deciding to complete a term and for us to demonstrate our expertise to you.