Musical Monkeys

The Musical Monkeys Programme
​Many of our students progress onto The Musical Monkeys Programme after completing pre instrumental lessons. The pre instrumental teacher will advise when students are ready to move on up. The Musical Monkeys programme is a series of 15 minute individual weekly lessons in a variety of different instruments. Children get the opportunity to see, hear, feel and play the instruments before choosing the one they would like to learn.


Introduction to Keyboard/Piano
Keyboard is a great instrument for young beginners. The keys are easy to press. There are a variety of exciting drum beats, different instrumental voices and special effects. Keyboard is an ideal instrument to teach many of the basics of music and all the material learned can transfer to other instruments when students decide on the particular instrument they prefer. Keyboard is an excellent introductory instrument  

Introduction to ukelele/Guitar
​Guitar is a very popular instrument. Lots of our little rock stars love guitar. Some of our musical monkeys move straight on to learning guitar.
However sometimes even the smallest of guitars is just that little bit out of reach. Teachers may recomend that children try ukelele first as it is smaller and little fingers dont have to stretch too far. The strings are plastic and light and easy for little fingers to press. 
Ukelele is a great introductory instrument for students who would like to learn guitar when they are just that little bit bigger!

Introduction to Drums
​​Children love rhythm. They are naturally drawn to percussion instruments.  Our program for younger children makes playing music fun and easy. We teach them how to keep time, count beats and understand rhythm. From the very earliest stages children experience rhythm listening to their mothers heartbeat.
Rhythm is the heartbeat of music!

Introduction to Violin/Fiddle
The violin is an instrument chosen by many young beginners. There are many different methods of teaching stringed instruments to very young children but most of these are rooted in the principals of kodaly and Suzuki. These schools of thought are both based on the principle that music is a language. As children learn to speak in their pre school years , it would follow then that this is the optimum time to start music lessons. 

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