Mini Orchestra

Exploring different Instruments
We teach a wide variety of wind instruments at The Music Company.  Students enjoy the social aspect of playing in a group but also experience and gain valuable information on other instruments. They discover the unique sound, tone colour and timbre of  different instruments. Music becomes an adventure. Students interest in music grows as there is so much to explore and discover.
Group Playing in the Teenage Years
We encourage students to become involved in playing in groups. It improves rhythm and aural awareness. It also motivates students to practise and excel. There is a team spirit within the group which becomes very important especially during the teenage years when students tend to prefer group activities. Teenage years may sometimes signal a drop off in music practise sometimes due to  demands on students time. We have found that joining group activities plays an important part in students continuing to learn and enjoy their music. 
Music is Powerful!
Group ensemble work is the first step towards playing in an orchestra. The earlier students experience group playing the better. Students realise that music is a powerful method of communication both between themselves as performers and also with the audience. Music can communicate feelings and emotions without the barriers of words  therefore it can reach everyone.