Lets sing together!

Singing is Fun

In Singing class we work on a wide variety of different material including popular music, musical theatre and disney songs. Students improve their vocal technique, mic technique, learn to sing in harmonies and work on stage performance. 
Students also have the opportunity to create Glee style performances of all the latest chart songs.
Most importantly, Singing class is full of fun and laughter as students form friendships with others who have the same interests!

The benefits of singing
Singing class develops confidence, imagination and creativity. Confidence building  is extremely important. It is a key part of life development for every child and is essential in performance. Working together as part of a group creates a team spirit and encourages students to excel and reach their full potential.
Adult Singing Group

Many adults would love to improve their singing voice. Singing is present at almost every occasion and milestone in our lives. However for many, singing involves a degree of anxiety and tension of some description. Some of us have convinced ourselves we can’t or shouldn’t sing so we deny ourselves the opportunity to try.​​
Everyone can improve their singing voice. Our classes are full of fun, stress free and social. Why not come along and give it a go?