Junior Violin

When to start violin lessons?
​​Music is known to be very beneficial for childhood development. Parents often ask, "When is the best time to begin violin lessons?"
Many of our students progress onto individual violin lessons after completing our Pre instrumental programme. Other students jump straight into individual lessons as they are older. There is no right or wrong age to begin violin. It depends on the individual child. Our teachers  can help and advise parents when it is the best time for each child to begin individual  violin lessons.
Child Centred Approach
Violin is an instrument which is very popular  with our young beginners. Our child centred approach is full of fun and based on the principles of Kodaly and Suzuki while incorporating elements from other methods which specialise in early music education for young children.
Getting it right from the start!

Aural training is an essential part of music. Students are encouraged to develop inner hearing. As in the development of language, children listen to their parents speaking, internalise the sound and gradually begin to copy the sound they hear. They start to babble and then move on to say words and form sentences. Music is best learned using the same principles. Children are encouraged to listen to music, internalise the sounds, sing and then play. At first it may be a single pitch but it will grow to playing a melody.