Junior Piano/Keyboard

When to begin Keyboard/Piano Lessons?
​Music is known to be very beneficial for childhood development. Parents often ask, "When is the best time to begin individual lessons in piano/keyboard?" 
Many of our students progress onto individual lessons after completing our Pre instrumental programme. Other students jump straight into individual lessons as they are older. There is no right or wrong age to begin. It depends on the individual child. Our teachers  can help and advise parents when it is the best time for each child to begin individual  piano/keyboard lessons.
Keyboard Lessons
​​The Keyboard is a perfect instrument for young beginners. Little fingers find the keys easier to press than on a piano and the variety of sounds and rhythms will keep children entertained for hours.​ Keyboard lessons are full of exploration and discovery as children become aware of the sound of different musical instruments and learn to play their favourite nursery rhymes and cartoon theme songs. They love to experiment with the different special effects. Music becomes an adventure full of fun and laughter.

Piano Lessons
​​​​Beginner piano lessons are full of fun and games. It is important that children look forward to their weekly lessons. We incorporate lots of nursery rhymes, cartoon theme songs and the latest chart hits. Parents will play an important role in their childs musical development. Repetition is key. For young students to progress quickly parents will need to provide lots of encouragement and support at home between lessons.