1. Pre Instrumental
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    We specialise in pre-instrumental education for young beginners
  2. Keyboard
    Junior Piano or Keyboard Lessons
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  3. Violin
    Junior Violin Lessons
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  4. Drums
    Junior Drum Lessons
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  5. Junior Guitar
    Junior Guitar
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Junior Music Academy
Our Junior Music Academy offers a range of music tuition for children aged three to twelve years. Our teaching panel have been specifically chosen for their patient, fun and child friendly teaching methods. This ensures that each student develops a love of music.

We offer a variety of classes starting wth Pre-Instrumental for those who have never studied music before. Once complete we then move onto Musical Monkeys. Musical Monkeys gives children the opportunity to try many different instuments before deciding which one might be for them. Once complete children are ready to begin Instrumental tuition in the instrument of their choice. Children can join at any stage with some deciding to enter straight into Musical Monkeys or Instrumental lessons. 

We are always happy to help so if you have any questions (even if its just a small one) please don't hesitate to contact us!

Junior Music Academy Classes​​


Musical Monkeys




Junior Piano or Keyboard

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Tel: 086 0552041​​​

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