Junior Guitar/Ukelele

Ukelele is a very popular instrument. We often recommend it to our very young beginners especially those who may like to try guitar in the future. It is small in size so little fingers dont have to stretch too far. It only has four strings as opposed to six on a guitar. The plastic strings are easy to press for little fingers and it is easy to carry. Ukelele has become very popular in The Junior Academy as it is considered to be an instrument that is  happy and full of fun!​​​​
​​Most children today enjoy listening to music on the radio and on you tube. Music is all around them. They are very familiar with the sound of the guitar as it is in the music of many of todays top artists such as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Many children will ask their parents specifically if they can learn the guitar. We encourage children to love music by using the songs they enjoy listening to. In order for children to practice and progress they must be interested in the music they are learning.
Electric Guitar
The Junior Academy is full of little rockstars. Some students will begin on accoustic guitar but later move on to the electric guitar as they hope to one day conquer the world. Lead guitarists are the centre of attention in most bands and our little rockstars enjoy the limelight!