Junior Drums

When is the best time to start lessons?
Young children have an amazing capacity to learn. A child’s mind is like a sponge, and even at a young age, your child has the ability to absorb a lot of information. Age five and up is generally a great time to begin drum lessons. Regardless of your child’s age, however, if he or she is interested in drums, the best time for him or her to start may be right now!  The Junior Academy is full of little rockstars!
Benefits of playing the drums
​​Children love rhythm and are naturally drawn to percussion instruments. Playing the drums can be a rewarding and enriching activity for children of all ages. The drums are a great instrument for children to learn. Not only does drumming help with brain development and coordination, it can also help with stress relief, improve concentration, help increase physical stamina and even lead to an increase in IQ scores
Acoustic and Electronic Drums
Most children today enjoy listening to music on the radio and on you tube. Music is all around them. They are very familiar with the latest chart hits and popular theme tunes from movies and television  Many children will ask their parents specifically if they can learn the drums.
Children will have the opportunity to play on both  electronic drum kits and  acoustic kits during lessons. We encourage children to love music by using the songs they enjoy listening to. In order for children to practice and progress they must be interested in the music they are learning!