1. Keyboard Lessons
    Keyboard Lessons
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  2. Piano Lessons
    Piano Lessons
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  3. Flute Lessons
    Flute Lessons
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  4. Guitar
    Acoustic Guitar
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  5. Violin
    Violin Lessons
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  6. Singing Lessons
    Singing Lessons
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  7. Guitar
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  8. Violin
    Fiddle Lessons
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  9. Saxophone
    Let's Play That Sax!
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  10. Clarinet Lessons
    Clarinet Lessons
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  11. Piano Lessons
    Piano Lessons
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  12. Piano
    Piano Lessons
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  13. Piano
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  14. Lead Guitar
    Lead Guitar
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  15. cello lessons
    Cello Lessons
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  16. Trumpet
    Trumpet Lessons
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  17. Drum Lessons
    Drum Lessons
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Individual Lessons

We offer a wide variety of Individual Instrumental Lessons at The Music Company. We teach students of all ages from beginner to Diploma level. Students can explore many different genres, classical, popular, jazz, rock etc.
Individual lessons are very flexible and designed for the individual student. Teachers will help and advise students on choosing pieces that will introduce elements that will best further progress. It is also beneficial for students to discover and explore music they may be unfamiliar with, to broaden their musical knowledge. Students may prefer a particular genre, have favourite pieces they would like to learn or pieces they would like to perform at a special occasion. Our teachers will facilitate this as students progress very quickly if they are interested, inspired and motivated by the particular pieces they are learning.
All students have the option to sit examinations with worldwide recognised examination boards. We are an examination centre for many of these colleges and hold examinations throughout the year. Many of our former students  have careers in music as both teachers and performers!

  1. 1
    Piano/Keyboard Lessons
  2. 2
    Violin/Fiddle/Cello Lessons
  3. 3
    Guitar/Ukelele Lessons
  4. 4
    Flute/Sax/Clarinet Lessons
  5. 5
    Drum Lessons
  6. 6
    Singing Lessons
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