Accoustic Guitar/Ukelele/Banjo​​​​
Accousic guitar, ukelele and banjo  lessons are very popular at The Music Company. Lessons are flexible and structured with the particular student in mind. We have students of all ages and levels.  Students work towards learning their favourite songs alongside material which will  prove beneficial to improve technique. It is important to get the basics right from the start as a solid foundation  is essential to smooth progress.
Students begin by learning the basic techniques required to play, including how to hold the instrument correctly, pluck the strings and place fingers on the frets. As students gain confidence they progress onto learning basic chords and strumming patterns.
The timeless beauty of Classical Guitar
Some of our students choose to study classical guitar. Lessons are tailored to suit the level, goal and needs of the individual student. Students begin by learning the correct posture, how to hold the guitar, the geography of the fretboard, the basics of learning one and two note melodies and work on developing aural awareness.  Students progress onto  learning more advanced pieces, scales, improvisation,  theory  and sightreading. 
Some students choose to take exams with the RIAM, ABRSM or Trinity College London. Other students learn purely for enjoyment. They are inspired by the timeless beauty of melodies which generations of musicians have  connected to and  tried to recreate.
Electric Guitar
Students  are introduced to the essential techniques required to play the electric guitar. To begin students gain a general knowledge of the fretboard. They then begin to work on the improvisational skills required for lead guitar playing.
Lead guitarists play a very important role in defining a bands unique character and sound, often making a group instantly recognisable. A good lead guitarist can speak through his music.
Music  can often speak louder than words!