Group Guitar Class

Fun Social Environment
Some students prefer to learn in a group. Just like sport, competition motivates them to excel. Keyboard classes offer students a very social learning environment where students encourage each other to learn and classes are  full of laughter and fun. ​
Ironically other students are more nervous in a group and prefer an individual lesson as they find it less stressful. There is no right or wrong way to learn. Students will progress quickly when they feel happy and secure and enjoy their lessons. 
Ready Steady Go!
Accousic guitar classes are very popular at The Music Company.  
Students begin by learning the basic techniques required to play, including how to hold the instrument correctly, pluck the strings and place fingers on the frets. As students gain confidence they progress onto learning basic chords and strumming patterns.

Students work towards learning their favourite songs alongside material which will  prove beneficial to improve technique. 

Inspiring Students
Most students ask to learn an instrument because they like listening to music and it makes them feel happy.  We as teachers at The Music Company keep up with the latest trends in music across various styles so that we can reach students at their level and continue to inspire them.