About the flute
Flute is one of the most versatile and enjoyable wind instruments to play. Whether you want to rock out with a band, play exciting rhythmic jazz melodies, or recreate the elegance and beauty of classical music, flute is the ideal instrument.

Flute is a popular instrument in most bands and orchestras. Learning to play will lead to fantastic opportunities to join groups and make friends who have similar interests.

Lets get started!
​​Many students progress onto the flute having first learned the tin whistle or recorder in school. Many of the skills learned are easily transferred when students begin to learn the flute such as breath control, rhythm and notation. 
The correct posture and embouchure is important to develope right from the start. A full, pure tone is the first step towards becoming a talented flautist.

Moving on!
We encourage our students to play in groups. This provides a social and fun aspect. It also motivates students to practise, builds confidence and prepares students for performance. 
Many of our students choose to progress through the different graded classical examinations offered by worldwide recognised colleges. We are an examination centre for many of these colleges and hold examinations throughout the year. 
Graded examinations offer an impartial, objective assessment of a students progress, technique, musicality and aural development. They inspire and motivate the student towards perfection.